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About us

Zvky Design is a distinguished Game Art, Animation, and Development Services Studio that has been pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry for over 14 years.

Who we are

Over the years, Zvky Design has forged strong partnerships with some of the industry’s leading game developers, contributing to an array of successful titles across multiple platforms, from mobile and PC to console gaming. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes them a trusted ally in the competitive gaming landscape.

At Zvky Design, we believe that the heart of every great game lies in its art and design. With our strong artistic roots and their ability to stay at the forefront of technology, we are continually setting new benchmarks in the world of game design and development. In a realm where imagination and technology intertwine, Zvky Design stands as a beacon of creativity and excellence.

14 Years

In Gaming Industry




Apps & Games



Our Approch


We are here for you, at every step

At ZVKY, we aim at providing stunning yet realistic animations that help realise your gaming dreams. For that to happen, we follow an adaptive design approach that helps us understand the client through transparent communication.


Budget-friendly designs

A decade of experience in small to big-budget games has helped us understand our client's budget needs. Providing the best possible solution within the estimated budget and innovating with what we have is our specialty.


We value You

ZVKY follows a very transparent workflow. We respect and value our clients and accept realistic tangible deadlines and never over-promise. We believe great businesses are built on trust.

Our Strengths

We are one of the leading and prominent gaming studios in Asia that provides first-class solution for a wide range of games independently.

As a leader in the gaming industry, we are committed to build and deliver exceptional games for slots, computer, mobile and AAA Games.

We have the experience to offer 2D & 3D Art by adding interactive and rich game features to exceed client expectations.

Our team of Game Artists work closely to understand the vision of game and create mesmeric graphics and animations with great UI screens, high-fidelity 3D elements & effects, intuitive user experience to provide a solid game design.

We enable development at all levels of game including unity development, slot game development, casual game development and mobile game development.

Our tech team covers all the technical bits through innovation, data and technology to make sure customized frameworks are tested and proved to render an amazing experience.

Through multiple layers of code obfuscation, runtime application self-protection (RASP) checks and real-time monitoring, we ensure our clients to turn their gaming vision into reality without any hassle, assuring best-in-class games in terms of security and scalability to protect your revenue streams.

Our game portfolio leverage the company excellence with expanded game features and gorgeous graphics that can be accessible on multiple platforms and languages at the same time. We have a vast amazing portfolio in 2D & 3D art in slots, mobile & AAA games covering slot machines, concept art, UI/UX, HOGs, icons, maps, characters, environment, props, weapons with different styles of animation.

As a leading worldwide provider of interactive entertainment, we are focused on passionate, polished and talented professionals where everyone is expertly crafted, embrace new ideas, spurs creativity and innovation, fulfil their potential and make the best games.

We run in a realm of global community with strong business partnerships by successfully delivering the robust games targeting the companies worldwide. We are continually setting new benchmarks in Asian, European & American market to bring immersive games appealing to a wider audience, several game themes while targeting multiple markets.

We’ve got history as we started our journey in 2009 with a passion for gaming and now forged as a trusted partner in the competitive gaming space.

Over this forte of 14+ years expertise, we have worked on games across genres that fuels our progress and recognized as a “Best Game Art Outsourcing Studio in Asia”.

Meet Our Creative Team

Abhishek Subramanya


Soma Vamshi (Sam)

Director - Operations & Business Development

Joe McGuffin

Creative Art Director

Andreas Weidenhaupt


Ricardo Viana

Senior Business Development Manager

Jenny Chun

Senior Business Development Manager

Supradip Dutta

Associate Art Director

Jagannath Pattra

Sr. Art Supervisor

Mahesh Bangara

Art Supervisor

Varadha Raj

Sr. Technical Manager

Chandrasekhar Movva

Project Manager

Akshay Anand

Project Manager

Sahana Nanjamari

Manager - HRBP

Kiran Kumar

Manager - Talent Acquisition

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