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Our Slot Game Creation Process

How we build Slots?

Phase-1: Our approch for Artwork

  Initial discussion between
  Zvky & Client

     → Short description of the task
     → Game Complexity (Basic, Medium or
     → Game Features (symbols, scores, bonuses,
           reels, win screens and backgrounds)
     → Estimate
     → Wishes
     → Timeline

Once finalized, ask for Game Design Document
highlighting different ideas, references, documentation,
game name, theme, flow and main elements.

Let’s start here with a kick-off call.

Art Creation



Final Output

Our production pipeline consists of a streamlined interaction with the client in which both parties share ideas about the art style, game mechanics and colour keys of the conceptualized game.

We have gaming experts associated with us from the last 10 years evolving from different areas along with our Creative Director from the United States who help to construct the game precisely from the scratch (called as Game Ideation) to match the client brand and its objectives.

Considering the Game Design Document, our designers create options for concept art and sketches based on the theme and vision of the game. Once approved, we move to the next stage of colouring the symbols, outstanding special effects, captivating graphics, multiple backgrounds, fascinating UI and smooth animations to meet highest standards of technology, design, support and interoperability. Now, it’s ready to go to the last step of final mock-up and packaging of the game as per the development specifications.

Currently, to maximize the cost of succeeding in focusing on delivering visually appealing graphics with attractive game mechanics, our productive art pipeline takes approximately 5-7 weeks.


Project Charter

● Game Summary
● Define success criteria & key deliverables
● Budget, schedule, timelines & milestones
● Approvals


● Introduction
● Define Vision
● Pre-production
● WBS Creation
● Clear ambiguity
● Start the project


● Feature List
● Behavior
● MVP Development
● Wireframe
● Desktop/Mobile
● Audio


● Integration
● Wrapper
● Localization
● Complete working product
● Support Period

Our producers adapt to the unique conditions of our client’s projects and provide them with the right experts to make games feasible on every platform and every device. We specialize in augmenting and helping to realize our client’s vision from inception to a high quality end product. Our team of veterans work closely from the get go, to ideate with you, swiftly construct the plan into a potential MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and build complete games considering the amount of reviews and fine tuning before it is signed off.

Of course, development requires the technical support and maintenance of games post publishing. Under our support & maintenance services, we keep games up-to-date on all devices and OS. The service includes standard support packages to custom service-level agreements on a project need basis as per the gaming industry standards.

Complete game deliverables using solid agile methodology with an assertive product plan take us 8-10 weeks on average. Complexity, Regulations, Languages do impact the time frames.


We follow a stringent and comprehensive process of quality assurance and testing in our studio. Our development team also covers experienced Game Testers who physically test all games, subject to rigorous QA and device compatibility on all required platforms, including all forms of testing covering integration and compliance testing. Our objective is to run the game at optimized performance on player’s devices.

A single game run through multiple iterative rounds of testing while performing Quality Analysis, User-experience testing, Localization, Functionality testing, Network load testing and Performance testing subject to the QA practices.

Finally, a power-packed game compiling everything together is delivered to a client, where he can run a fully-functional slot game while submitting it for Game Certification to go it live in the market. Overall the entire lifecycle of the games from concept to live is roughly 5-6 months depending on complexity, regulations and platform.

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